Safety-Net Workforce Summit

In response to the final report of the California Future Health Workforce Commission, Community Health Partnership hosted a summit on August 8th to address the shortage in the safety-net workforce. While some of the statistics shared were tough to hear, they were not surprising. In just 10 years, California is expected to have a shortfall of 4,100 primary care clinicians and 600,000 home care workers; though the State is nearly 40% Latino, only 7% of physicians are Latino; California will only have 2/3 of the psychiatrists that it needs.

What was surprising was the immediate response we heard from our attendees! Not only did they ask important questions from our speakers, many also committed to join a safety-net workforce committee to guide. Our committee consists of experts in health, education, mental health, labor, government, and policy.

We would like to thank our speakers for sharing their expertise, support, and inspiration in the first steps to building up our safety-net workforce.

    • Anna Eshoo, Congresswoman, CA 18th Congressional District
    • Ash Kalra, Assemblymember, CA District 27
    • Kevin Barnett, Co-Director, Management Team, California Future Health Workforce Commission
    • Christina Hicks, Deputy Director Program Development & Evaluation, CPCA
    • Susan Ellenberg, Supervisor Santa Clara County, District 4


California Future Health Workforce Report: Meeting Demand for Health Final Report

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