Our mission

Our Mission is to advocate for quality, affordable, accessible, and culturally
competent health care systems that demonstrate respect and
compassion for our diverse communities.

Key Functions

Advocating for Health Care Services by Representing the Community Health Centers of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties

Community Health Partnership is one of seventeen membership organizations throughout the state of California that represent nonprofit community health centers and clinics. We are comprised of ten primary care community‐based organizations providing health services at 40 sites. Our membership includes Federally Qualified Health Centers, School Health Clinics, free clinics, family planning clinics, and an Indian Health Center.

Disseminating Health Policies, Best Practices, and Coordinating Provider Education

Together with our county partners, Community Health Partnership will help shape the implementation of federal, state and local initiatives that will improve access to health care to those in most need by:

  • Decreasing barriers
  • Streamlining referral systems,
  • Improving information technology; and
  • Creating a culture of mutual responsibility and ownership of the patient  by both community-based and county systems of care.
Serving as a Source of Community Referral to Health Care

Community Health Partnership will continue to serve as a source of referral to health care to the community-at-large. Our multi-lingual and multi-disciplinary staff is available to provide health information and guidance to callers and workshop attendees.


Community Health Partnership, Inc. (also known as “CHP”) was founded in 1993 in response to community concern for the viability of community-based, primary care health centers. By joining together in a local consortium, community health centers are able to enhance their services to low-income patients through the CHP’s collaborative projects. Initially serving Santa Clara County health centers, Community Health Partnership expanded into San Mateo County in 2004.

It is widely recognized that community health centers serve as an essential “safety net” for the area’s most vulnerable residents. CHP members and staff are committed to developing and advocating for affordable health services that meet the needs of our diverse population.

Community Health Partnership’s members include Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI), Gardner Family Health Network, Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley, Mar Monte Community Clinic, MayView Community Health Center, North East Medical Services (NEMS), Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, Ravenswood Family Health Center, RotaCare Bay Area, Inc., and School Health Clinics of Santa Clara County. In addition, Community Health Partnership is fortunate to have countless partners whose ongoing financial support helps to achieve our organization’s mission.

Many of our member health centers were founded to provide primary care to medically underserved populations. Their commitment to this mission holds strong to this day. CHP’s member health centers have multi-cultural and culturally competent staff. In addition to primary care services, our member health centers and clinics offer an array of programs, including dental care, mental health services, support groups, family planning, case management, health education, nutritional care, outreach, and prenatal services. With their combined budgets of over $64 million, CHP’s members are an important economic force in the community employing hundreds of health care professionals and providing critical services to a widely diverse population of undeserved patients.

Community Health Partnership has forged a public-private partnership unique among community health centers in California, drawing participation from a variety of organizations which have normally not worked together. CHP has a track record of effective collaboration to improve preventive health services for “at risk” populations and successful community outreach.

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