Enough is Enough! (Public Charge)

We are outraged by the newly published final ruling on Public Charge and its impact on our poor and immigrant families. On the eve of California’s Medicaid expansion, CENSUS 2020, and a presidential election, such a ruling further attempts to instill fear in our diverse communities and discouraged civic engagement.

The strength, quality, and integrity of a government is measured by how it protects its most vulnerable. This administration’s attack on women, children, and immigrants is not only racist, but it demonstrates ignorance about the benefits of good public health programming and policy the Public Charge rule would deny. The rule change systematizes harmful policies against the poor and communities of color denying the basic right to access healthcare.

We proudly join with our partners, statewide, to fight this cruel, xenophobic, unjust, and ignorant ruling.

Dolores Alvarado, CEO
Community Health Partnership

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