Alejandra Gutierrez currently serves as a Program Coordinator III. She comes to CHP retired from 30 years of experience in disparate learning environments where she was able to serve, for the most part of her career, the immigrant population of the mostly agricultural Monterey County. During her initial career path, she was successful in the development and implementation of educational programs and the utilization of technology for classroom learning and, specifically, in second language acquisition. She has the ability to interpret laws and regulations, create new curricula, conduct research, gather data, and create evaluative reports.

In the later part of her career, she has been involved with not-for-profit organizations furthering the stabilization of underserved individuals by helping them navigate complicated and interrelated community resources. Alejandra’s skill in communication gives her the opportunity to serve a liaison between the interdisciplinary teams providing the services and the individuals requiring the services, allowing her to act as an advocate and guide to recipients.

Alejandra’s passion to support underserved communities while providing compassionate assistance and encouragement is how she hopes to continue her lifelong commitment to serving others.


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