Robin Hayes currently serves as a Program Coordinator III for the Community Engagement team at CHP. In her role, the goal is to create and advance community-driven solutions for the COVID-19 recovery response, emergency preparedness, and diabetes prevention. Robin brings a diverse set of experiences, including a background in public health and environmental policy. Her specialty is working within communities, leading community-based initiatives using photography, storytelling, and the Photovoice method. She has personally seen the links between the environment, gender and racial equity, and public health through her work on gender based initiatives with the International Center for Research on Women, Migrant Clinicians Network and CARE. Robin has been fortunate to collaborate with nonprofit organizations that are working to help communities overcome significant barriers, including poverty and discrimination, while also addressing issues such as sex workers’ rights in Singapore, early and forced marriage in Ethiopia, Nepal and Bangladesh, sexual and reproductive health in Kenya, COVID Vaccine hesitancy, and immigration in Northern California.

Robin is dedicated to supporting communities through community-based research and community-driven initiatives. She’s a champion of the power of storytelling, knowing that when people tell their stories, lives can be transformed, both for those who tell them and for those who are listening. Through these stories, people can learn how to reduce barriers, change stereotypes, and build stronger and more aware communities.

Robin’s photography can be found at When she’s not behind a camera, Robin can be found coaching her kids’ soccer teams, wrangling her dog Tundra, and binge watching Ted Lasso.


MPH with a focus in Epidemiology from George Washington University

MA in Environmental Policy and Planning from Tufts University

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